General Information
General Information

Along with foundation and development of VOSCO, VCSC has made great efforts to continuously develop and improve ourselves. We are proud to be a solid partner of many famous shipping companies. We specialize in manning skillful and professional crew to overseas shipowners. We possess a redundant resource of crew approximately 700 seafarers who are working on 17 vessels of VOSCO and many other vessels of overseas shipping companies in Japan, Singapore, China, Holland… etc including all kinds of vessels: bulk carrier, containers, dry cargo ship, product tanker, chemical tanker. Many of our seafarers have long experience in working onboard vessels which’s managed by WALLEM SHIP MANAGEMENT, THOME SHIP MANAGEMENT SINGAPORE, NEW OCEAN MANAGEMENT PTE., LTD, WISDOM LINE, ISM SINGAPORE etc.

We are always trying to do better.

In order to supply high qualified and professional crew to our partners, we have made our own training procedures. All seafarers have to be trained well before joining vessels under the assistance of the high qualified and experienced lecturers who have more than 20-years experiences working on board the vessel as Captain and Chief Engineer. They are participated in training courses such as Bridge Simulation, Engine Room Simulation, Electric Class, Vietnamese Seafarers Upgrading Project (VSUP), Professional Skill Promotion Course etc.

We understand that “Better knowledge, Better job” and always keep “Prestige Comes First”, continuously improves and controls our business processes in order to fulfill customer satisfaction.


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Công ty cổ phần vận tải biển Việt Nam

Vietnam ocean shipping joint stock company

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