Dry cargo vessels

VOSCO are operating a fleet of 12 bulk carriers and dry cargo vessels which is ranged from 6,500 DWT vessels upto 56.472 DWT (Supramax). This is VOSCO’s core fleet which consist of 4 supramaxes, 5 handysizes... primarily built at Japanese shipyards which are serving world-wide. The strategy of upgrading, synchronizing and modernizing bulker fleet always is our top priority. To go abreast with vessel developing strategic, old and unsuitable ones are considered to be sold, leading to the sharp increase of fleet’s capacity and competitiveness. We focus on reliability, flexibility and long term relationships. We carry most bulk commodities including sugar, wheat, cement products, clinker, grain, sulphur etc, as well as cargo in bag but with the expanding energy and steel markets a large part of the fleet has been engaged in carrying coal and iron ore.

Vosco Sunrise

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     VOSCO SUNRISE       Call sign     3WJV9         IMO No.     9391634         Flag     Vietnam         Built     15/5/2013         Shipyard     NamTrieu Shipyard     Class     NK...   View more

Vinh An
Vinh An   admin  9,577

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     VINH AN       Call...   View more

Vinh Hung
Vinh Hung   admin  11,633

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     VINH HUNG       Call...   View more

Lan Ha
Lan Ha   admin  12,682

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     LAN HA         Call...   View more

Vosco Star
Vosco Star   admin  14,831

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     VOSCO STAR       Call...   View more

Vega Star
Vega Star   admin  9,716

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     VEGA  STAR       Call...   View more

Nepture Star
Nepture Star   admin  7,981

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     NEPTUNE  STAR       Call...   View more

Lucky Star
Lucky Star   admin  9,285

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     LUCKY STAR       Call...   View more

Vosco Sky
Vosco Sky   admin  10,625

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     VOSCO  SKY       Call...   View more

Blue Star
Blue Star   admin  13,889

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     BLUE   STAR       Call...   View more

Vosco Unity
Vosco Unity   admin  10,366

  GENERAL INFORMATION   Name     VOSCO UNITY       Call...   View more

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