Vosco Sky
Vosco Sky Vosco Sky



  Name     VOSCO  SKY    
  Call sign     XVIP      
  IMO No.     9236896      
  Flag     Vietnam      
  Built     2001      
  Shipyard     Mizushima Works and Shipyard  
  Class     NK 012988    


  LOA     189.90 m      
  LBP     182.00 m      
  Breadth moulded   32.26 m      
  Draught (summer)   12.04 m      
  Keel to top of mast   47.58 m      


  DWT /  TPC     52,523 / 55      
  Gross tonnage   29,367      
  Net tonnage     17,651      
  Light weight     8,003      


  M/E type     SULZER-6RTA-48T  
  M/E max output / RPM   10,500PS/ 118Rpm    
  A/E      YANMAR 6N18AL-HV(455kW x 900Rpm) x 3sets
  Bow thruster     N/A      
  Service speed     14.50 knots    


  No. of cargo holds / hatches 5/20      
  Capacity (grain/bales)   66,597/ 64,545 CM (2,351,851/ 2,279,385 CF)
  Gear and outreach   Crane 30Tx4/ 3m    
  Grab fitted     Yes      



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